Ryts Monet

Ryts Monet (Enrico De Napoli) Born in Bari in 1982, he lives and works in Venice, Italy. In 2007 he graduates in Visual Arts (BA) with Nicolas Bourriaud as thesis supervisor and in 2011 he specializes in Visual Communications (MA) at the University IUAV of Venice.

He is currently professor at the Faculty of Visual Arts at University IUAV of Venice.

Through my work I reflect on issues related to pre-verbal language, considered a primary means of communication. I think of this form of language as something instinctual and non-mediated by natural languages, therefore a universal stance that can cross geographical and cultural limits. Besides, through my works I try to develop a dialogue between matter and symbolic form; a dialogue that determines the openness of the artwork to a wide range of meanings and builds narratives within the work itself. A continuous fluctuation between the familiar and the foreign connotes the inner mystery of the work, which can’t be translated into words.

Despite the fact that certain symbols produce meaning only within specific traditions and cultures,through my work I play with the form and the matter in order to reach a pre-verbal and therefore universal language, as afore-mentioned, with the idea of establishing a dialogue between the work and whoever experiences it.Ryts Monet-obelisks