Léo Lefort

Leo Lefort presents a rather chaotic, but innocuous, oeuvre which spans various media and know-how. Extracting artefacts from art history and popular culture as a point of departure, he permutes, in a both serious and playful manner, their data and re-present them in a way that does not allow for perfunctory reading. Believing in the fertility of conversation and the hypothesis that there is always the X, the unknown, he incorporates speculative thinking as part of his practice : a base to assimilate new materials and modes of cultural (mis-)understanding. Hybrid per nature and performing on various levels, he finds pleasure lying on surfaces, images assembled in coherent order, stories of Trojan horses, figures and obsolete anecdotes.
Lichen & St Jean in disco

Lichen & tête de St Jean Baptiste in disco (étude) Collage numérique 2015