Boris Pramatorov

Boris Pramatarov was born 1989. He is a Bulgarian Visual Artist based in Belgium, BA in Book and Printed Graphics at National Academy of Arts, Sofia (BG) and MA in Graphic Art (obtained with Great Distinction), Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK), Ghent (BE). 
He has specialized illustration at Duksung Women University, Seoul (KR) and Sint-Lucas School of Arts, Ghent (BE). He is author of the artist’s books: « My Demons » (2012, South Korea), « Doppelgänger » (2013, Sofia), « Amygdala » (2013, UDA, Paris), “Cherophobia” (2015, E2& L’Appât, Brussels), “The Observer” (2016, Le Dernier Cri, Marseille); “The Observer 2” (2017, Brussels), “Insects’ Secrets” (2018, Brussels), “Etomon” (2018, E2 & L’appat, Brussels). His comics “A Short Story About Communication / Love” is the winner of Fumetto World Comics Competition, Luzern 2017. His illustrations have been published in The New York Times, De Standaard (BE), Капитал (BG) and he has made drawings for Volcom (Amsterdam), Dr. Martens (Ghent), adidas Originals (Moscow), Absolut Vodka (Sofia).
“Postindustrial” (2015) is his first animated film.

solo exhibitions :
2o19 – “A Clockwork Egg”, Nova Doba Festival, Street Gallery, Belgrade (RS),; 2o19 – “Desire Codes”, adidas Originals’ space, Moscow (Rus); 2o18 – “Baloon Icarus”, Intro Gallery, Sofia (BG); 2o17 – “Insects’ Secrets”, Gifted Sofia (BG); 2o15 – “Born of Women”, L’Appât Gallery & Gallery E², Brussels (BE); 2o13 – “Doppelgänger”, Vaska Emanouilova Gallery, Sofia (BG); 2o12 – “Tormentor” , Hip Hip Atelier, Sofia (BG)

project title:
The Veil of Memory (short animation film)

“Every memory I have about my face goes through a veil. That veil is made out of the feelings and the emotions from the past. I can not imagine my face without the environment and the people who were there with me. Their images reflect and become part of my identity. Despite of this, as it is an in-coded idea in my mind, I have always tried to find my real face. The one that always reminds and can not be changed. An archetype of the human face…”