Emilia Ukkonen

« [Ms. Ukkonen’s] works are a confused hodgepodge of imagery designed to produce, I
suppose, perplexity and revulsion, nothing more… What emerged was a concise but oh-tooclear
portrait of a deeply disturbed character being coddled on the teat of a social system and
art culture that has clearly lost its way, if it perpetuates such nonsense… self-indulgent,
narcissistic, vacuous, devoid of social relevance, and ultimately a gratuitous wank-fest on the
dime of the European tax-payer. The pieces – mostly a collection of gratuitous one-liners –
are, like the artist, selfish, self-centered, anti-social, and completely without anything of merit
to say… Her obsession with ugliness seems designed merely to repulse and put off… We
can only hope that she will seriously reconsider her current programme of being an « artist »
and pursue, perhaps, a course of remedial vocational training that might lead to something
more fulfilling and useful such as employment at a shoe factory. »
Jerker Per-Petter Jensson, Scandinavia’s Weekly Fine Arts Broadsheet